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Minnesota High School Bowling

Top JV Bowlers by Conference JV

Bowlers must have bowled in 60% of all available frames (in conference competition) to be eligible for this list

Note: JV Bowlers DO NOT have an All Conference

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  FirstName LastName Conference School Strikes Spares Opens Total Fill% Strike%

Top Teams

Top teams are listed by team average, match percentage and game percentage. Click on the tabs to view each set of stats.
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Varsity Teams Ave
(1A) Rushford-Peterson 198.29
(4A) Stillwater Area 195.33
(4A) Blaine 195.14
(4A) Cambridge-Isanti 193.46
(4A) Spring Lake Park 192.90
(3A) Coon Rapids 191.03
(2A) Princeton 189.37
(4A) Farmington 189.34
(3A) Northfield 188.96
(3A) St. Croix Lutheran 188.90
JV Teams Ave
(3A) St. Croix Lutheran Red 177.96
(4A) Stillwater Area JV Black 176.17
(3A) New Prague JV Red 167.97
(4A) Blaine JV Blue 166.76
(4A) Farmington JV Black 166.14
(3A) Sauk Rapids-Rice JV Gold 166.13
(4A) South St Paul / Hudson JV Maroon 164.76
(3A) St. Croix Lutheran Delta 163.54
(3A) Park Green 161.30
(4A) Stillwater Area JV Red 157.83
Varsity Teams Match %
(1A) Rushford-Peterson 100.00
(2A) Fergus Falls 94.44
(3A) Alexandria / Minnewaska Area 93.33
(4A) Stillwater Area 88.89
(3A) Bemidji 88.89
(3A) Sartell-St Stephen 85.71
(4A) Farmington 85.71
(1A) Stewartville/Grand Meadow 85.71
(3A) Northfield 85.71
(1A) Waterville-Elysian-Morristown 83.33
JV Teams Match %
(2A) Hutchinson JV 100.00
(4A) Farmington JV Black 100.00
(3A) Mounds View JV 1 100.00
(4A) Stillwater Area JV Black 94.44
(3A) St. Croix Lutheran Red 92.86
(3A) Park Green 92.86
(3A) New Prague JV Red 92.86
(3A) Sauk Rapids-Rice JV Gold 92.86
(3A) Mankato East 91.67
(1A) Janesville-Waldorf-Pemb JV Blue 91.67
Varsity Teams Game %
(2A) Fergus Falls 91.11
(1A) Rushford-Peterson 87.14
(3A) Alexandria / Minnewaska Area 84.00
(3A) Bemidji 80.00
(4A) Robbinsdale Cooper / Armstrong 78.75
(3A) Northfield 78.57
(4A) Farmington 77.14
(4A) Cambridge-Isanti 77.14
(2A) Princeton 76.00
(2A) Hermantown / Proctor 76.00
JV Teams Game %
(3A) Mounds View JV 1 95.38
(3A) St. Croix Lutheran Red 90.00
(4A) Farmington JV Black 90.00
(4A) Stillwater Area JV Black 90.00
(3A) Sauk Rapids-Rice JV Gold 88.57
(3A) Park Green 85.71
(2A) Hutchinson JV 85.33
(4A) Robbinsdale Cooper / Armstrong #1 JV 82.50
(1A) Janesville-Waldorf-Pemb JV Blue 81.67
(4A) South St Paul / Hudson JV Maroon 81.43

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